October 7, 2015

What does Notion Ink’s Adam (Tablet) mean for Education?

I sent Rohan Shravan, Founding Director / CEO at Notion Ink, a question about what impact does he think or hope that the Notion Ink Adam (Android tablet) will make on the educational realm whether higher education to kindergarten to high school and even home school? Here was his delightful response:

First it will be tough to manage tablets and books at the same time. Tablet will not provide the easy of writing and quickly taking notes. But as usage and application will grow, this will become easier. The breakeven will happen when you will be able to use your normal pencils and pens on tablets.

Books will be there, first static as you have on hard prints. Then you will have moving images, then interactivity. Suddenly a new variety of publishers and designers will collaborate and design educational books which test you as you learn, in the form of games, interactions. Size of the books will reduce as more and more content goes online. Books will just only be links.

We will have to wait for devices which can be bought at a lower price, without the loss in functionality. iPad is not for education, or at least right now. Educational devices needs to be free and not locked.

The new generation will be awesomely lucky! Kids will learn in cartoons and animation about alphabets and basics while reading or rather watching a book! And senior students will enjoy zooming in at surface which become atoms, and then electrons, then quarks, right till you see that vibrating

I have huge expectations from this modern mode of computing. Hoping Adam will be able to play a role!


We truly are living in exciting time. As Rohan stated in this email like any other new technology early adopters may face some minor set backs, but in the long term, open technology like the Adam and Android tablets will become the future of learning!


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  3. […] What does Notion Ink’s Adam (Tablet) mean for Education? […]

  4. […] What does Notion Ink’s Adam (Tablet) mean for Education? […]

  5. […] What does Notion Ink’s Adam (Tablet) mean for Education? […]

  6. […] What does Notion Ink’s Adam (Tablet) mean for Education? […]

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