October 9, 2015

What is the TRUE cost Rapid eLearning?

Anyone that has worked in a large corporate environment is more than likely familiar with the boring Voice-Over-PowerPoint sexual harassment training that is out there. This is a horrible example of rapid eLearning!

Rapid eLearning is training that can be designed, developed and distributed quickly. Tony Karrer on his blog eLearning Technology says it is, “rapid creation of courseware by people who are less experienced with courseware development particularly subject matter experts” and he is completely right on the money.

Most organizations turn to rapid eLearning to quickly fill a need for training or replacing classroom instruction. But keeping in line with my eLearning 3.0 Wish List for 2009… What is the TRUE cost of Rapid eLearning?

Lets do a brief evaluation of the Pros v. Cons:


  • Fast time to market.
  • Usually pretty cost effective.
  • Can be created by subject matter experts (SMEs) instead of teams.


  • 99% of the time its not very engaging.
  • SMEs are not always the best trainers.
  • SMEs are usually not designers and their presentations show this.

Now ask yourself the question, “What is the TRUE cost Rapid eLearning?”

I’m a firm believer in Quality over Quantity. Yes the price point and timing are incredibly important but if the training is hurriedly slammed together and its not very engaging… how much do you think the users will retain?

Knowledge retention is the primary goal of training.

Granted, there are a few good examples of rapid eLearning, but the majority of people using these tools don’t have the first clue about quality/engaging eLearning.

What are you plans to make your training programs better in 2009?


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  4. […] What is the TRUE cost Rapid eLearning? […]

  5. […] What is the TRUE cost Rapid eLearning? […]

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