I’m a member of a Google Group: TALO (Teaching And Learning Online), and one of the members posted a similar topic to the group and I thought it was very appropriate for all to consider.

So here is my Wish list for 2009:

    1. Quality verse Quantity – I’m hoping people/companies get away from the crappy voice-over-power point training and focus on more engaging and better quality eLearning.
    2. Edutainment – I think the US military is actually doing something right… they are using video game like systems to train their troops, saving a good amount of money and time.
  1. Confidence-based Learning – I would like to see better testing methods rather than just quizzes/tests. People can memorize facts all day long in their short term memory and recall them, but what if we actually made them learn and apply.
  2. Social/Collaborative Learning – as Michael mentioned web-conferencing and tools like Yammer, Twitter, Ning, Facebook, etc… I think we are going to be a very large part of eLearning over the next year. A nifty example is Supercool School… people volunteer to teach a class and then member of this Facebook app/group take the class.
  3. Mobile eLearning – With the iPhone, Blackberrys, Android and other mobile devices becoming more popular the next logical step is to turn these into on-the-go training resources. Over the next year I think we will see more of this.
  4. Distance Education – With the global economic downturn, I think traditional universities are going to be pushed more to eLearning/Distance Education. Distance education is more profitable than traditional methods, but the quality is much lower. So if the quality was up-to-par with classroom training I think it would be a logical and viable solution for more universities.

2009 is going to be an exciting year for the digital education realm.

Tell me your predictions or wish list!

Your Wish List for eLearning in 2009
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